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ECG Giyani Helps the Needy

Have you ever just stopped and thought about the current state of our world? If you haven’t, it would be wise for you to do so. When you turn on the news it seems all you see is pain; war, murder, infidelity, and crime are on every news report. This must be an opportunity to create an inspiring story that warms the hearts of many and give hope to those who have lost it due to living in this world.

Pastor Paul giving to the needy

2 Corinthians 9:6-8. Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

ECG Giyani is always outdoor being kind to the needy and honoring God. Pastor Paul and his team are always kind to the poor and busy lending to the Lord. May the good Lord reward them for what they have done. Through their generosity, may they be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.

Pastor Paul speaks…

ECG Giyani Pastor giving to one of the needy

The Bible does tell us to bless others as much as we can. Charity involves helping those who need it. Often times, it will be through giving tithes to a church or through handing someone in need some money. But, there are other ways to be charitable to the less fortunate, too. If we know someone in need, we can always buy the groceries, give some type of gift card, or pay for a bill that we know is coming up. My father in the Lord, Major 1 has commissioned me to work with the community and help those in need. We will not stop at this but soldier on till Jesus comes.

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ECG Blantyre on the streets

Last week Thursday Apostle Innocent Nyirenda and his team we were in Chikobwe Blantyre where they managed to reach out to 17 families. These families could not even afford to find food as some are blind, widows, disabled and some are looking orphans. It is encouraging to see ECG Church clinging to the vision of the visionary, Major 1 by sharing with the needy, the little God has placed in our hands. A pictorial for the activity below:

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Do Unto Others Just as the Lord Commands

Major 1 during one of many food donations to the needy

Giving to those in need is a special gift God establishes on those He has called to this particular ministry. The Bible says, when you give to those in need, you loan God.

What a wonderful investment one can ever venture into. Try it today, your rewards will speak for themselves.

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Igr Scott Lova Nkuba in INDIA for Charity

Igr Scott Lova Nkuba in India

Apostle Igr Scott Lova Nkuba narrates about his successful trip to Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

One of the biggest secrets of all time is in the denial of oneself for the sake of others.

We thank God for a successful Trip to India, Bhubaneswar, in a state of Odisha. After an amazing experience of preaching the Gospel through the Help of the Holy Spirit. We visited 2 orphanages where children are living with disabilities.

We couldn’t speak or listen to each but We COMMUNICATED so clearly through Smile 😊 out of pure heart of love. We Thank to God for this opportunity and also to my Spiritual Father Dr. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and the Beacon Of Hope team for allowing us to do this.

Thanks to all the Team in India. It’s never be too late or too early to do good to people; seize all the opportunities and maximize all the chances by putting a smile on someone’s Face.


What are you doing for God’s kingdom?

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Ephraim Nyondo | African Missionary

Ephraim with Major 1

Africa is a dynamic and fruitful region, but we need more workers for the harvest.

The African continent, with its population of just over 1 billion people, is a rising star among the continents of the world. As the world invests financially, our prayer is that God’s people will send business people, Bible teachers, healthcare workers, school teachers and many more people with a heart to help the people of Africa know Christ as Savior.

Missionaries are also needed to show the light of Christ by serving people in limited-access countries through out the Continent.

As big cities across Africa continue to develop their infrastructure, financial moorings, business empires, and leaders, the cities become magnets for those living in poor rural and bush settings. Life can be very difficult in the big cities of Africa, yet people have hope that life will somehow get better in them through missionaries.

Today I bring you Ephraim Nyondo, a missionary and communications director of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Ministries who has focused in reaching the various tribal and ethnic groups in different countries.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Ministries has for a long time established medical ministries, literacy programs, radio programs, and other tools used to introduce the life-changing message of the gospel. Ephraim is on record doing the missionary work across the continent.

The African continent, with its population of just over 1 billion people, is a rising star among the continents of the world. As the world invests financially, our prayer is that God’s people will send business people, Bible teachers, healthcare workers, school teachers and many more people with a heart to help the people of Africa know Christ as Savior.

Is God calling you to use your passion and skills to join us in reaching the people of Africa? Missionaries are needed to show the light of Christ by serving people in limited-access countries in Africa.

Email: info@misheckbanda.com

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ECG Pilanesberg cares for the Old

ECG Pilanesberg Charity work

An overall decline in physical and mental vitality may result in visible and even drastic changes to our parent’s appearance, the standard of life, and emotional well-being.  The more aware we are of how aging can affect them, and what options are available to them as seniors and us as caring adult children, the better for all involved. 

Apostle Hoppings at the Home of the aged

Apostle Hoppings and ECG Pilanesberg are doing the very best in considering some essentials and accounting regarding welfare of the aged in their community. This team is making a difference. The founder and leader of ECG Church has for so long now be seen encouraging his sons and daughters and all his churches to be the first responders in their communities.

At BOKAMOSO Home of the aged, Apostle Hoppings and his team did an amazing work, preaching the good news, spending time with our senior citizens and blessing them with prayer and basic needs.

It should be noted that, aging is a fact of life and it affects all families. As adult children, when imagining our parents as seniors, we may not fully comprehend the extent to which their aging will affect them or how it will affect us.  Indeed, if they are already seniors and still in good health and living independently we may not feel any dramatic changes or concerns. However, the time does come when effects of aging become more evident and long-term care may be needed.

ECG Pilanesberg at St Caterina Hospice

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri always teaches to respect the elderly person, help our loved ones to cope with the loss of independence, visiting them frequently and bringing some of their personal belongings with them.

Indeed we need to find areas of mutual interest and try to keep things as unchanged as possible.

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ECG Hope for Nelspruit

ECG Nelspruit Outreach

ECG Nelspruit branch has not only been reaching out with the word of God, but helping the need with a deliberate program set for health care and provision of some of the basic needs in human life. At least twice a month, they mobilize themselves as a church and extend a hand of comfort, feed those hungry and whisper a message of hope of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Today’s Church has an opportunity of being proactive at reaching out to people who are  less privileged. However, there are not many efforts done to reach out to people who are in need.

To be “poor in spirit” is not the same as being economically poor, yet both kinds of poverty matter, and the church must address both.

Pastor Rich Wills giving out grocery to an elderly woman

We make them listen to sermons before we feed them, ask them to join the church before we clothe them. We use them as objects instead of people loved through us. God is love, and by being endowed in his image, as they are, we ought to love them for who they are in God’s kingdom here on earth. It is important to do this because Jesus loved them enough to die on the cross for them.

ECG Nelspruit Outreach program

How we love the poor is a clear indicator of how we understand God’s love for us. Too often, in misunderstanding God’s love we make the poor the object of our charity, the front cover of our programs, the focus of our grant requests, or the target audience to fill our seats.

Pastor Rich Wills

Pastor Rich Wills, son of Major 1, commands this project which continues to foster the corporate social responsibility and upholding the goodwill of the ECG Church in the said society. He gives particular emphasis that ECG is a Beacon of hope and our father in the Lord, Major 1 who has taught us a heart of love has sent us to reach out to the entire globe.

Email: news@misheckbanda.com

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Do something about it


Major 1 helping the needy

It is time for us all to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever – the one who recognizes the challenges and does something about it.

Everyone has inside them a piece of good news. The good news is you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is.

Do your best and God will do the rest…

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Prophet Bushiri | Humanitarianism

Africa is an incredibly diverse continent, with awe-inspiring natural wonders and a rich cultural heritage. MEET PROPHET SHEPHERD BUSHIRI…

So many people work in several countries across the continent. For instance, a Malawian born and South African based clergy has been seen as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Humanitarianism. No matter where you choose to go, you’ll find a project that fits your interests and goals. Take part in making Africa better.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri also prioritises the educational development of children. He supports early childhood development in childcare centres in countries like Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi and Kenya.

So many are projects like building important infrastructure in local communities on his Beacon of Hope and Prophetic Channel Aid.

In each African country, Prophet Bushiri works in, he has identified the needs of the local communities and the challenges they face. His programmes all work toward supporting sustainable development and helping people overcome these challenges. The is the son of the soil in Africa today, and who uses his time and energy to become part of something bigger.

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