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Everything You Need to Know About Business Partnerships

A partnership in a business is similar to a personal partnership. Both business and personal partnerships involve: Pooling money toward a common purpose; Sharing individual skills and resources, and Sharing in the ups and downs of profit and loss.

Every business sits on mountains of data, but applying that data to arrive at strategic insights will help businesses achieve their transformational goals. The success of your business depends on the relationship between IT and Finance.

A business partnership is a specific kind of legal relationship formed by the agreement between two or more individuals to carry on a business as co-owners. A partnership is a business with multiple owners, each of whom has invested in the business. Some partnerships include individuals who work in the business, while other partnerships may include partners who have limited participation and also limited liability for the debts and lawsuits against the business.

If your business will be owned and operated by several individuals, you’ll want to take a look at structuring your business as a partnership.

Obviously, only go into business with those you trust. Vet everyone in your business dealings, whether it be a contractor, a tenant, etc. This could mean conducting background checks and calling personal references. This is especially true with your business partner(s) and is by far the most important way to protect yourself when entering a partnership.

Address potential issues before they become issues. Talk about worst-case scenarios. If your partner isn’t willing to do so, for whatever reason, you have the wrong partner.

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ECG Giyani New Church Building

The vision of the church is to build relationships and change lives in the numerous poor neighborhoods within communities in a given surrounding.

ECG Giyani

God’s vision is  to empower His servants within the church, the opportunity to serve the poor. Also, the Church’s vision is to empower the children of God in neighborhoods to serve and give back within their communities.

ECG vision includes planting new church’s, training pastors, teaching the gospel of God, building homes and church’s, sponsoring children to school, feeding breakfast to children each morning, offering periodic health and dental clinics, plus numerous other important service offerings to community members. Amazingly, Giyani branch is on course and in-line with this vision.

ECG Giyani Church Gathering

Pastor Paul Banda, the resident minister spoke to us about how God has graced him. “The church has advanced at a supersonic speed despite earlier challenges. I’m thankful to my spiritual father, Major 1 for giving me the grace to serve under him. God of Major 1 has given us a very big land for church construction and expansion. With over 4,000 members of Giyani, the sky is the limit as we see God’s grace unfolding day in and out.”

“I can say that we are the biggest church gathering in an area with more than 130 denominations. I thank all the sons and daughters of Major 1 who have enormously contributed to the construction of a modern building with 3,500 seating capacity. The next building we are embarking on is the ECG School and dispensary.” said Pastor Paul.

Pastor Paul Banda

It must be everyone’s desire to help build communities by constructing houses, schools, hospitals, and churches. ECG Giyani and Pastor Paul have projects to provide shelter for families who are less privileged, education opportunities to help break the cycle of poverty, facilities for physical and spiritual healing, and places to build up the body of Christ.

For so long now, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, the leader and founder of ECG has emphasized the need to help the needy as he demonstrates the same through his ‘Beacon of Hope’ program.

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Visas to UAE absolutely free

15 June 2019

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Visa will be valid for one month.

Targeted industries for Event and need clients from this industries: Agriculture, Aviation, Automobiles, Banking & Financial, Beauty & Cosmetics, Construction, Education, Facility Management, Fashion & Textiles, FMCG, Healthcare, Infrastructure, I.T, Electronics and Technology, Investment, Media, Recycling, Renewable Energy, Retail, Shipping, Trading, Travel & Tourism.

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African Unemployed Millionaire | Investment Guide

Many people grow up having conflicting values around money and wealth and misunderstanding how they work together. Often a person may say they want to be wealthy, but what they really want is financial freedom.

I just got off a telephone interview with Mike – African Unemployed Millionaire. It is encouraging to note that there’s still hope in the investment industry.

Money is what makes the world go round. Just like you have a job, your money has a job too, and it should work just as hard for you, as you have worked to earn it. Whether you’re a stay at home parent taking care of your home and family or a professional working crazy hours, having money in the bank is essential.

With volumes of money floating around an unregulated spot market that trades instantly, over the counter, with no accountability, forex scams offer the lure of earning fortunes and people are slowly loosing trust.

Interestingly, Mike – African Unemployed Millionaire does not touch money (They are not an investment company but a financial education company) , maintains zero contact with your finances but educates, through their international partnership with a global company, ImarketsLive having its footprints in over 120 countries and training thousands of people to win in Forex Trading industry. They just launched their Revolution 10 000 where they are going to coach and mentor over 10 000 people across the world in the Forex Trading industry.

If you’re a first-time investor with little money to invest in Foreign currency Education or want to be self-employed selling Forex Trading Education to people around the world for US$ residual commissions , contact Mike – African Unemployed Millionaire.

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