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Tony D Taking Over

Ghanaian veteran businessman and award winning musician, Anthony Komla Dagbey has released a new track, ‘I’m Taking Over’, a song full of emotional life changing tintinnabulations.

Anthony Komla Dagbey

He echos in a telephone interview that for the past 23 years, music has been the greatest passion of his life. “It is the easiest medium for me to use in exalting His name.” says Tony D.

Tony who’s currently the Volta Regional Chairman of Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) owns Tosh TV and Tosh FM. When reached for further comments, he indicates that a Malawian born and South African based businessman and spiritual leader, Major 1 is his inspiration.

Anthony Komla Dagbey

‘Taking Over’, is a track loaded with joyful exposition of gratitude rendered with an uplifting dance-able groove. Recently, Tony D performed at ECG’s biggest church, Pretoria South Africa where Major 1 has his headquarters.

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Gregory sets for New Release

The Malawian born and bred, South African based gospel artist, Gregory is busy with a new album under Major 1 Records. Greg with his popular ‘Peter’ hit is expected to drop yet another amazing plus spectacular crystal clear melodies in his new album.

From the producers of ‘Peter’ in the Holy Ghost Album, life changing songs are expected from the 10 track album being produced now.

Greg during song writing

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Skool ‘Dem🎶 Apostle Joseph

Education is important for young people because it provides youth with tools and critical skills to gain employment and provide for themselves and their families in the future. Education also helps bring awareness to economic growth, environmental issues and sustainability.

Graduates stand for the anthem “Lift Every Voice and Sing” during 2014 commencement ceremonies at Howard University in Washington May 10, 2014.

Apostle Joseph in his latest hit talks about how education serves as the means to develop oneself physically, mentally and socially. The Raggamuffin artist encourages the importance of education to youths manifests itself in terms of the need to cultivate the youths of society into mature individuals. Look out to it, #School_Them and understand how important Education is for the youths, as youth is their growing stage.

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Lero 🎶 Rebirth

Music of Malawi has historically been influenced through its triple cultural heritage of British, African, and American music.

Macfarlane Magombo (Rebirth)

Malawians have long been travelers and migrant workers, and as a result, their music has spread across the African continent and blended with other music forms. Malawians working in the mines in South Africa and Mozambique also led to fusion and blending in music styles, giving rise to music styles like Kwela, Malawian  jazz, Malawian  kwasa kwasa, Malawian hip-hop/rap R&B and reggae.

Since 1994, the country has seen a steady growth in its music industries and in its local celebrities. Due to the period of music suppression, many of Malawi’s new and up-and-coming artists are young. Artists like Young Kay are being supported by the veterans in the industry and are working together to give Malawian music a distinct new identity.


Meet Macfarlane Magombo, a Malawian born and bred hip hop artist better known by his stage name Rebirth. In 2014, Rebirth joined the Entertainment industry with his debut song “Hashtag Jesus” (#JESUS)

A gospel rapper from Lilongwe and founder of The Rebirth Foundation, Rebirth happens to be the fastest growing Malawi urban artist who is gives hope in this industry.

‘Lero’ is the latest track released, on 3 June this year and displays a class of it’s own. We have no doubt that Rebirth has set a standard which Malawian urban gospel music needs to follow.

To download this track, hit the link here

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Jerusalem Vibe from JENGA JENGA

Imma Kuleba

Music listened by Tanzanians stretches from (Bolingo) traditional African music to the string-based taarab to a distinctive hip hop known as bongo flava.

But in recent years, mainly from the mid-nineties, new generation of musicians has emerged and are coming up with popular tunes which are Tanzanian in composition.

Young artists like Imma Kuleba popularly know as ‘ Jenga Jenga‘ has managed to carve a new tune distinct from imported Zairean tunes, and is competing with East African artists in popularity and audience acceptance.

From Weruweru Moshi, Tanzania ‘Jenga Jenga‘ combines reggae, afro, dub poetry and mainly hip hop in his latest DVD ‘JERUSALEM VIBE’ which has 9 songs.


Imma, who’s in his mid 20’s has seen his transformation from circular life and stage performances to the new Jenga Jenga preaching Jesus and encouraging young people to be responsible after an encounter with Enlightened Christian Gathering Church founder and President, Major 1.

It is believed that Major 1 Records™ has been at the core of production for JERUSALEM VIBE DVD.

Imma performing in South Africa

Newer artists in the field include the Jam Brothers and Ras Innocent Nyanyagwa, who includes songs in Hehe and Swahili and uses indigenous rhythms. Many musicians work in bands that play at a hotel, usually led by a keyboard and including a rock-based sound.

Soft spoken and good looking Jenga Jenga had this to say; “Imma is my name in short. It’s coming from Emmanuel. Am a Gospel rapper. I preach Gospel through hip-hop… original from Tanzania. I’m persuaded to talk of Jesus and uplift the young generation through my music.”

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USA Release for Peterson


On the 21st of June Praise Peterson is releasing his first ever USA Release in conjunction with Lunjeal Music Group dubbed “ SONGS FROM HEAVEN“.

This compilation of spirit filled Praise and worship songs from the dynamic recording artist will be available on all online platforms such iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer and many other online stores! Make sure you can get yourself a copy! Don’t miss out…

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Swazi Dlamini has, once again, been nominated for a greater recognition in this year’s 6th Annual Ingoma Awards.

The Independent National Gospel Music Awards, best known as Ingoma Awards, encourage all upcoming and independent artists to go beyond the call of duty and produce music that meets the highest standard.

In their 6th year running, these awards seek to recognize the hard work of gospel musicians, community newspapers and magazines, and broadcasting radio and TV individuals from all the nine provinces of South Africa.

The Ingomas was founded in 2013 by young people who are actively involved in the gospel music industry. The Ingoma serves as the face and voice for the upcoming and independent gospel or Christian music community and is dedicated to exposing, promoting and celebrating their talent through recognition and awarding them.

It is by no means a competition but an event that honours and recognizes talented and hardworking upcoming, independent gospel artists.

The INGOMA was conceptualized with the aim of recognizing excellence of these upcoming and independent South African musicians. The aim of the project is to grow the status associated with this award much like the SA Music Awards (SAMAs) and the Crown Gospel Music Awards and was founded by young people who are actively involved in the gospel music industry.

Let’s vote for her throughout, in capital letters, sending an SMS: ‘INGOMA ARTIST OF THE YEAR SWAZI’ to 40439.

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