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Will Jane Ansah Resign?

George Kasakula writes:

Elsewhere in the world, where a public official has been caught up in some form of mess as determined by some quarters with a valid voice, it does not take days for such an official to give up their position. If the public has lost trust in you and feels you should not continue holding your public office, it is a moral undertaking to give in and allow for some scrutiny which, in the long run, may even exonerate you.

Post Electoral Violence

But, in Malawi, that would probably be wishful thinking. Take this for instance: the demonstrations that have been going on in this country since Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) announced that Democratic Progressive Party’s Peter Mutharika had won the May 21 presidential poll, largely revolve around Mec Chairperson Jane Ansah.

Being a lady of high standing in society; she is a Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeal, a position that does not fall on a silver platter. Her judgement, regarding the demonstrations and their impact, could be beyond the scope of some of us but it is clear that some moment of deeper reflection could end the present crisis. Resigning from one’s position does not need to be legal. It can be moral and that is where it carries more weight.

We have heard and seen politicians and other officers in other countries resigning after being dragged into some scandalous acts even when they maintain that they are innocent. Their feelings are that their positions are untenable and that they no longer inspire public confidence such that it is as good as not being there at all.

That seems not to be the case with Ansah. There are those who believe she mismanaged the May 21 elections and that, therefore, she should not continue holding her position at Mec. Of course, other commissioners at Mec are also being asked to resign but everyone’s eyes are on the electoral body’s top-most official who, if anything, is supposed to lead by example.

The resignation of Ansah would, most likely, result in the resignation of other commissioners because they handled the election together.

Calls from institutions such as Malawi Law Society requesting Ansah to engage in some deep reflection on whether remaining in her position, despite the public discontent, makes moral sense, should have jolted the Mec chief into some moral action.

After all, it is even difficult to imagine how Ansah will continue discharging her duties beyond the current crisis when there are quarters that do not want her on that Mec job.

Her office, being public, has to have a bearer who continuously earns public trust and loss of that trust means she will always have problems steering the electoral body forward.

At a meeting which former president Bakili Muluzi had with members of Human Rights Defenders Coalition at his residence in Blantyre, he indicated that he was willing to engage President Peter Mutharika, as the appointing authority, and Ansah so that there can be an end to the current crisis.

Perhaps, Muluzi might come out with something tangible from such engagements. The two parties he indicated he would love to meet might simply be standing on mutual ground regarding whether Ansah should resign.

Mutharika appointed the Mec chief and has options of bringing her into any process of resolving the current political crisis. First, Mutharika can simply ask Ansah to step aside so that demonstrations are curtailed; or, he can simply fire her if he believes such an act can bring peace and order back in the country.

But the President himself seems unwilling to execute any of the two options. And he does not even seem willing to have the demonstrations ended. Apart from backing a call made by one of his officials, Kondwani Nankhumwa, that the parties at variance should come to a roundtable discussion on the political situation, Mutharika has not shown any serious commitment to end the crisis.

That is where it would be preposterous to think that he will, this time, do something for Ansah to vacate her position in the interest of peace and calm. There are other election-related court cases, apart from the larger consolidated case that has Malawi Congress Party leader Lazarus Chakwera and his UTM counterpart Saulos Chilima as the petitioners.

Suppose these cases are determined in favour of the petitioners and reruns are ordered, would Ansah still be confidently in a position to lead the team that should manage the polls?

If she remains in her position, perhaps, until the expiry of her tenure, will she continue to command the respect that she used to before the current crisis ensued?

Well, that is a personal choice and it may not matter to her. But the truth is that the current situation can fade if she resigns. It would be an important decision bordering on morality and an acceptable social act.

Source: Times Group – Malawi

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Education key to full potential

Young people have an enormous stake in the present and future state of Earth. Almost half of the human population is under the age of 25. If young people’s resources of energy, time, and knowledge are misdirected towards violence, terrorism, socially-isolating technologies, and unsustainable consumption, civilization risks destabilization. Yet, there is a powerful opportunity for society if young people can participate positively in all aspects of sustainable development. In order to do so, young people need education, political support, resources, skills, and hope.

Education is important in eradicating poverty and hunger and in promoting sustained, inclusive and equitable economic growth and sustainable development. Increased efforts towards education accessibility, quality and affordability are central to global development efforts.

A good quality education helps children reach their full potential; however, for millions of children and youth, it is beyond reach and many are not learning basic skills like reading and math if they do attend school.

As we look at the Importance of Education as a Development  Tool, Education remains the main focus as it is a key to lifting people out of poverty. Education gives people in poverty the skills to not only earn money but also improve their basic daily knowledge…

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Malawi: The Next Somali

World history has been punctuated by cycles of violence, regardless of time, region or race. Therefore, Malawi must be on the lookout. Tens of thousands of Somali children have died in the Horn of Africa famine, the worst humanitarian crisis in a generation. Despite warnings and images of starving children coming out of the region, and especially war-torn Somalia, the international community has been slow to help.

Somali War Kids

Somalis are suffering the most, beset by the instability caused by their 20 years of civil war and the refusal of al-Qaeda-linked militants to allow Western aid. The Islamists have been preventing starving Somalis from fleeing to neighbouring Ethiopia or Kenya to escape the famine.

Malawi is slowly sliding into that terrible ditch. This nation is only a step away from civil strife. This should not be the trend to admire. Once civil war sparks, no calls for pleading for global partners to step up aid urgently would be heard. And once this crisis collides with unexpected extreme drought, that would tip the whole country into famine.

As for the case of Rwanda, the country was ravaged by civil war, genocide, mass migrations, economic crisis, diseases, return of refugees and environmental destruction. Rwandan families were affected by and are still dealing with impacts such as death, disease, disability, poverty, loss of dignity and imprisonment. Cross-country studies on the economic consequences of internal political violence typically find short-run effects that are very large, and no evidence for full economic recovery.

The 2019 general elections were the most turbulent Malawi has ever seen. The country has been ravaged by civil unrest which might turn into mass migration, economic crisis, diseases and deforestation. Almost all Malawian families are affected wherever they might be and at multiple levels, by outcomes such as loss of property, poverty, loss of dignity and imprisonment.

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All Night Prayer | Durban

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Join Apostle Motsepe for a great time for focusing our hearts and our attention on God.

ECG Durban | 40 Stalwart Simelani Street

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Holy Ghost Sunday | Mombasa

The presence of the Holy Spirit in a gathering; the evident of the Holy Spirit in a gathering of believers: you have heard people say, ‘the Holy Spirit moved’, ‘the Holy Spirit was present’, ‘we felt the presence of the Holy Spirit’, etc – but this is your time.

When the Holy Spirit takes over, He goes straight to dealing with the needs of the congregation. The Holy Spirit knows the need of every person in that congregation – even if you are a billion in number, He will deal with your need individually as the servant opens His mouth preaching and teaching.

When the Holy Spirit is the one speaking through these servants – Pastor Nelson-Bar Major and Apostle David Ruach, He speaks the WORD, piercing your soul spirit joints and marrow because the Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword.

27 July 2019 @ Mamba Village, Mombasa, Kenya. Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again…

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God’s Mighty Men

The Mighty Men of God as usually endowed with biblical principles that will give men practical steps to live courageously for the Lord.

Gregory and Simplex

If God is going to accomplish a great work among us, then He wants to raise up a band of mighty men in our midst who can do great exploits for God. The New Testament makes it clear that God desires men to be in spiritual leadership in the home and church. The church today‑‑this church‑‑needs a band of mighty men

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Song of Songs 2:1-2 ‘I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys’

Flowers symbolize beauty and positivity. yellow roses to a person who is grieving or Lily is a symbol of innocence but also of fertility, of spiritual love, of integrity and of hope, and White lily represent chastity, purity and dignity.

Song of Songs 2:1-2 ‘I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys. 2 Like a lily among thorns is my darling among the young women.’

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Through Him all things were made | John 1:3

The Bible describes how God made light, the sky, separated water from land, the sun, moon and stars, birds, livestock, man and woman, and plants. He made all of these things and so much more. He created the tiny ants, as well as beautiful and unique butterflies.

Our amazing God has made sunrises and sunsets (each one unique) since the beginning of time. He made you and I and all of the other people of the world that have come and gone. He made each and every one of us in His image, but no one is exactly the same. He made it so that we can breathe on our own, walk, communicate with each other, see all of the different colors the world has to offer.

He made all of the systems in our bodies and made sure that they could work together and understand different signals. He made it so that women can bear children and so that all of us could sweat and use the bathroom to release all of the toxins in our bodies

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ECG Women on Fire Launch | Polokwane

In this inspiring and illuminating organisation, WOMEN ON FIRE, ECG has accomplished women share the stories of their most hard-won battles. They have lived through adversity and come out on the other side, happier, healthier and infinitely stronger.

Through their experiences, you will find comfort, encouragement and tested strategies for coping with such universal challenges through God’s word, recognizing your passion and turning it into life.

With Pastor Violet & Fellow daughters of Prophetess Mary Bushiri, make a date with us on Polokwane Hall, 64 General Joubert Street. Your life will never be the same again…

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Apostle Hoppings | Pilanesberg

Apostle Hoppings welcomes you to Prayer Mountain this weekend. We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God.

We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.We believe that for the salvation of lost and sinful man, spiritual regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential, and that their salvation is received through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ as Messiah, Savior, and Lord.

Don’t miss this divine appointment for Saturday, 13th July, 2019. Your life will never be the same again….

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