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Ghanaian veteran businessman and award winning musician, Anthony Komla Dagbey has released a new track, ‘I’m Taking Over’, a song full of emotional life changing tintinnabulations.

Anthony Komla Dagbey

He echos in a telephone interview that for the past 23 years, music has been the greatest passion of his life. “It is the easiest medium for me to use in exalting His name.” says Tony D.

Tony who’s currently the Volta Regional Chairman of Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) owns Tosh TV and Tosh FM. When reached for further comments, he indicates that a Malawian born and South African based businessman and spiritual leader, Major 1 is his inspiration.

Anthony Komla Dagbey

‘Taking Over’, is a track loaded with joyful exposition of gratitude rendered with an uplifting dance-able groove. Recently, Tony D performed at ECG’s biggest church, Pretoria South Africa where Major 1 has his headquarters.

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