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Worship is at the heart of all we do as Christians.  Whether as a worship leader or local preacher, or as a church steward responsible for a local arrangement in your church, we seek to do the best we can as we lead the people of God in worship. 

Apostle Jimmy

The first ECG International Youth Director, Praise Director and first national Pastor Apostle Jimmy encourages the church to put worship the first thing just as our father Major 1 has planted the church on this foundation.

Major 1 is a worshiper and a composer who hears songs from heaven and passes them to his sons and daughters.

Apostle Jimmy speaks…

Psalm 71 is a great example of a personal expression of praise and prayer which is structured to teach us about principles of worship. It begins with an expression of trust in God as “rock and refuge”, but a plea for deliverance at a time of severe personal difficulty.

Later in the Psalm the writer refers to “many and bitter troubles”, but expresses faith that God will restore his life, bring him up “from the depths”, and bring back honor and comfort. The need to publicly declare God’s “marvelous deeds” and “mighty acts” is repeated several times, as the writer contemplates not only what God has done for him personally, but his character and rule over the world.

This hope in God has been a feature of his life since youth. He asks that this would continue through to old age

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  1. I my apostle am Dankoz The voice from ECG otjiwarongo I am blessed by tonight words and am looking forward my Apostle hope to hear from

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